OneRagtime is the venture platform. We select the most innovative tech start-ups from across Europe and Israel and back them, leveraging our curated community of investors.

About OneRagtime

OneRagtime is the venture platform. We select the most innovative tech start-ups from across Europe and Israel and back them, leveraging our curated community of investors.

In our unique VC as a platform model, our investors choose exactly which start-up they’d like to invest in and we take care of the entire process – market analysis, terms negotiation and dedicated vehicle creation. Diversify your portfolio and invest seamlessly!

Our exceptional entrepreneurs are supported in their full journey to success through the power of our team and community: from capital to contacts, from experience to operational resources.

What’s more, we advise corporates in their digital transformations, unlocking opportunities both for them and our start-ups. Our team: tech-savvy talent and experienced senior execs. Together, we’re harnessing the potential of innovation, driven by data, technology and our incredible community!

Key info
Founded in:
17% employees
83% employees
Stéphanie Hospital

The VC Powerpuff. Mold in the corporate world but born entrepreneur, the Digital woman is disrupting the codes of tech and investment, empowering entrepreneurs’ dreams. But NOT today, snow is good…

Jean Marie Messier

J2M, Investment banker, investor, and visionary. Enabling startups and corporates to collaborate to change the world! The wizard of disruption.

Josep Solé
Venture Maker

Who said product guys can’t be cool? Coder at heart, but business man at will, he is uniting features in powerful products, while speaking Catalan… #controversy

Sophie Boirard
Investor Catalyst

A fine touch in a beast world. Feared by developers and praised by all, she crafts beautiful user experiences. The digital lady is about to run the startup world.

Benjamin Cohen
Venture Catalyst

He surfs like a pro through financials and pitch decks to track the next golden nugget, helping them to reach the stars... unless the surf's up, of course.


We are living in an exciting world where everything is changing and accelerating, with technology and innovation reshaping every sector and forcing all industries to reinvent themselves.

At OneRagtime we believe that large corporations are not doomed and have their role to play in this third wave of the Internet. However, they can’t innovate alone anymore and will need technological startups to face their challenges. We also believe that startups can find great opportunities for growth, working closely with large corporations to become the next world champions themselves. That’s what we do, we are connecting the dots, bridging startups and large corporations,creating virtuous synergies to make earth (and space…) a better place.

Our unbeatable strength? Our team!
We are a crazy team of millennials dreaming about flying cars, mining asteroids, saving our planet and making everyone’s life better than yesterday, backed by a 2nd generation of investors and operating under the radar of senior executives. To accomplish our dreams, we believe in connecting both organisations and startups unleashing the best opportunities our world has to offer. Oh did we tell you? We want to build a venture fund investing in startups that don’t believe the hype. So you won’t get the monkeys with us.

The Studio

At OneRagtime, we turn business into success. Just have a look at our platform, it’s the result of the superpowers of our team makers.
Our Studio is driven by a fully international approach in the very heart of cities like Barcelona and Paris and expending in all locations where great talents are.

Partnerships lies in every aspects of the studio. Our team works hands-on to build strong products that scale globally.
Together, with our partners, we aim to accelerate startups. Our ultimate goal is to leverage entrepreneurs’ businesses, providing them with relevant and essential assets on key areas such as product and tech, marketing and communication, market strategy and fund raising, talent management, business development, financial, legal, IT… at each stage!

The Fund

With traditional funds, investors are bound to long term commitment with high management fees and carried interests. But investors want flexibility, choice and low fees. OneRagtime addresses these issues with its innovative venture cloud approach. Forget all about traditional venture fund. No engagement, no limit, pay as you invest model. We provide our investors with the top services and management of traditional Venture funds and we coupled it with the high flexibility of crowd equity platforms.

For being great, we present to our accredited investors a highly selected deal flow coming from great pool of talents in Europe and Israel. We scout and select the most promising start ups and help them to scale with our unfair advantages (international network, experience, operational capabilities and experience…). We take care of everything from market analysis to terms negotiation and dedicated vehicles creation. Investors are free to choose the startups they want to invest into and make investment on the go starting from €25K.

The Platform

We are currently developing our platform. We want it to work for you if you are an entrepreneur or an investor.

A new kind of venture capital
We are creating a venture platform which is built for on-demand investments, with startup scoring and matchmaking capabilities, an hybrid model between venture capital and crowdfunding.
Our aim is to care of everything from market analysis to terms negotiation and dedicated vehicles creation. By pooling top investors behind a common vehicle, we think we will enable startups to raise as much smart money as they are willing to. Basically we want invest our own money and give you access to our top deals.

The backbone of our activity
Soon to be powered by the blockchain technology, this platform is the backbone of our activities enabling us to predict investments and animate our network, making the investment process seamless. We want it to be a one-stop platform leveraging automated machine learning and data analysis for co-investment, fundraising, market insights, talent sourcing. It will capitalize on latest digital technologies to encompass optimal user experience with the highest security environment standards in order to ensure an entrusted, simple and straightforward investment process.

2 Place d'Estienne d'Orves, Paris, 75009, France